- Before placing my baby onto my back, I will look into his eyes and tell him happyl things. I will tell him where we are going and what we will do and I will smile at him and tell him I love him. While he is on my back, I will sometimes talk to him and sing to him and tell him about our day. When we return home, I will remove my baby from my back. I will look into his eyes and tell him what we did that day, will tell him I love him and we will laugh. These are the Magic 5 Minutes that will stimulate my baby`s brain.

We have been working since 2001 with WaWaWasi, the national cresh program operated by the Ministry of Women, Peru. Wawawasi provides an opportunity for the poorest weomen to put their babies in care centres while they work. Through our special relationship with the Wawawasi direction in our home Provence we are able to conduct a pilot project aimed at getting indigenous and very poor women to implement the M5M method of intellectual stimulation.
Do the research:
- Intellectual stimulators
- Baby`s brain development
- Want`em 2 grow up happy?
- Achieving their potentialt
- Intellectual Growth
- The f irst six months
. .

All babies are programmed to receive their first intellectual stimulation from their own mothers. If the mother does not giver it the baby does not get it. We have found a way to get extremely poor indigenous mothers, whose maternal tradition is to keep baby strapped tightly to her back; unmoving, unquestioning until long after it can walk it simply becomes too heavy to conveniently carry - in this fun program these mothers are beginning to stimulate their babies. Now we are working with leader mothers who we hope will begin to recruit more mothers, and so on. It's like a game, and the positive result is that children who would have spent their early years idly riding their mother`s back. They are now responding to this stimuli and they will be joining society a lot earlier than they would have done.

Our Work w/ WaWaWasi

2001-2002: We helped sponsor some wawawasi centres

2002-2003:We were honored at their annual ceremony.
Since then we have provided training resources
Our Vision
Why do this project

First Light, First Step
Where this is needed
Children have the right to be fed, clothed, sheltered and educated by their parents. When parents are unable or refuse to do this society must intervene. We exists to feed, clothe and educate children let down by their parents. Our work starts with parents. See why

Beginning in Latin America where there are 48.3 million indigenous women of child bearing age. Starting in Peru which has the second largest such population, with a pilot project in La Libertad, the only Provence on earth containing the four major habitats of indigenous peoples:
- Deluvial plains - Mountains - Alta Plano - and the Amazon Rainforest.
We started with Wawawasi 2001

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